The Story

At first, the aim was to represent a neighbourhood and city with friends. That idea turned into a business with principles and a vision.


The inspiration began one night during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I spent the next four months inside my room creating designs and learning on how to run a clothing brand from scratch. Although I didn't have any past experience in business, marketing, or graphic design I was eager to launch my new creation!


Our Block Clothing officially launched on July 3rd of 2020.

Values & Principles

"Our Block" represents collectiveness, respect and pride.


We believe that a thriving city or neighbourhood happens when it's people respect and care for their "block". The area where someone comes from is an important part of a person's identity. We aim to help people be proud of that idenity through our clothing.

Our Commitments

We put aside $1 from every item sold at Our Block Clothing towards our fundraiser. The funds we raise are used to provide opportunities or gift items needed to youth across Metro Vancouver. 


We have a strong stance on sustainability. Every garment is ethically made in a clean & safe environment. When there is polyester in our garments it's made of recycled poly. The cotton used in our clothing is apart of the BCI "Better Cotton Initiative".


We oppose the ways of mainstream fashion also know as "Fast Fashion". We don't fill up the landfill like the rest of the world's leading clothing brands. We don't contribute any textile waste due to our business model "Made to Order". This helps us run an environmentally friendly business & offer our customers the ability to order the exact design, garment, size & colour they want!